Plant & Tool Hire Lewes

Plant & Tool Hire Lewes

Lewes is beautifully set in a gap in the South Downs, on the Greenwich Meridian. With a population close to 16,000, Lewes is the beautiful, picturesque county town of East Sussex. Whether you are a resident or a business owner in Lewes, you are no doubt keen to keep your property looking its best. It is important to keep the outside of your property protected from the elements, not just to keep up with the Joneses, but to ensure there is no damage to the property.

To ensure your property and outdoor space in Lewes are always well maintained and looking smart, it is important to keep up with routine tasks as well as larger jobs. To do this it is always desirable to have the best tools possible for the job. This is where tool hire in Lewes can come in handy.

There are three reasons you may consider tool hire in Lewes rather than amassing your own collection of tools. Firstly, if you need specialist tools for a one-off job it may well be cheaper to hire the tools required rather than buying them. Secondly, any new purchase of tools requires more storage space. Unless you have unlimited storage space, it is likely that you want to keep your personal tool kit small. Finally, there is the fact that all plant and tools need to be maintained, repaired and updated on a regular basis to ensure they continue to work effectively and efficiently - which can be a costly business.

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Plant and tool hire is often the most cost effective way to get a job done, especially if you have limited storage space. When it comes to diggers and larger plant machinery very few of us have the space to keep these things. Most of us will also often struggle to find the time, resources or desire to keep a digger in proper working order on the off-chance we’ll need it again in a couple of weeks.

Tool and plant hire is the practical option for maintenance jobs of all sizes. Whether you are performing a one-off DIY project at home or a larger construction project, Alandale Plant will be able to provide you with the right tools for the job. With over fifteen years of experience, we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers in Lewes are able to hire the best quality, well maintained and up to date plant and tools at reasonable prices.

Our fully trained and experienced staff are available to offer advice about the most effective tools for your needs. We can demonstrate how the tools and machinery work so that you are able to return to your site ready to get the job done and not waste precious time that you’ve already paid for, trying to figure it all out! We hire our plant and tools either by the day or the week so that you can work to your budget and only pay to hire equipment for the amount of time you need it.

You can trust Alandale Plant to ensure all our operated and non-operated plant and machinery are well maintained and regularly updated. We are constantly replacing our equipment to ensure that you are able to hire the best quality tools to get your job done.