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Whether you are starting a small DIY project or a large construction job, Alandale Plant in Eastbourne can assist you with all your requirements. We are here as the initial part of your project management process to enable you to work out costs and timescales. We want you to be able to complete the job as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

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The cost of purchasing new tools and equipment outright can be huge, so hiring is the more practical option for many. If you are carrying out a one off project you will end up being stuck with tools you will not necessarily need to use again. This means you have the added hassle of trying to sell them, to attempt to regain a fraction of the money you spent on them initially. Even if you will potentially be using the tools again you still have the issue of storage to consider. Storage, particularly for large items, can be costly and inconvenient, this is why hiring your tools and equipment from Alandale Plant is the smarter and more cost effective solution for any project.

We stock a huge range of items for hire, to ensure you can complete your project whatever it may be. If it is a landscape gardening project you are tackling, we have all the equipment you might need from turf cutters and scarifiers to hedge trimmers and weed burners, no need to go elsewhere. We have a selection of diggers, dumpers with various load capacities, and concrete mixers for building anything from the foundations of a small structure like a shed in your garden, to a much larger structure including extensions to your home. For roadworks we have all the necessary equipment including tar sprayers and cable detectors, cones and lighting to keep the works lit and safe throughout the night. This is just a small selection of the products we have to offer. Take a look at the plant & tool hire page for a more extensive list of equipment or give us a call if there is a specific piece of equipment you require and cannot see on our website.

Our experienced team are always here to help you find the most effective equipment for the job. We are always willing and able to show you how to use any of the equipment we stock, so please do not hesitate to ask one of the team if you need assistance. Our prices are highly competitive and you can choose to pay daily or weekly depending on the period of time you will need to use the equipment. This means you only pay for the time that you actually need the equipment for, preventing overpayments. We make sure the process is quick and easy, leaving you to focus on the actual work. Contact us on 01323 767708 to talk to one of our experienced team today.

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