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Alandale Plant Ltd understand that you don’t always have the large outlay required to buy expensive tools outright. You might only need a specific tool for a short period of time or for a one off project. If this is the case then we believe hiring tools is without a doubt the most cost effect option, whatever the size of your project. It minimises the requirement for expensive storage and eradicates the need to maintain and constantly update those tools.

We stock an extensive range of tools on site so you do not need to travel around to several stores. This is especially important if your are time poor or if your job is an emergency that needs to be dealt with urgently. From diggers to concrete mixers, safety equipment to generators, Alandale Plant Ltd in Crawley is the one stop shop for all you tool hire needs.

For over 15 years we have been supplying tools to both domestic and commercial clients in Crawley. We maintain our tools and regularly update stock so you can be sure to hire up-to-date, good quality tools in perfect working order. Our experienced team can give advice on which tools would be most effective in completing your project, and are able to demonstrate to you how to use the tools correctly. Customer service is important to us, we do our utmost to ensure you leave the warehouse feeling satisfied that you have the right tools for the job, at the right price.

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Digger Hire Crawley

Diggers, or excavators as they are commonly known, are essential for many projects and jobs. They can be used for a range of tasks from demolition, forestry work, river dredging, digging foundations, trenches and holes, and even material handling. The real issue is the huge cost of buying one outright, the continued essential maintenance and then storing this large piece equipment. You might also require different diggers for different projects, a small digger to use in a confined space or a large digger to complete the job quicker. Purchasing more than one digger is rarely feasible for most individuals or businesses so you have to consider other options.

Alandale Plant Ltd in Crawley can solve all these problems for you. We hire diggers daily or weekly, at very competitive rates. You only need to pay for the exact days you require, making it easy to work out budgets for projects. All our diggers are fully serviced and cleaned before each hire so you can be sure you will be able to get the best out of the equipment.

These are just some of the diggers/excavators we stock:

  • Micro digger 28 inch wide
  • 1.5 ton mini excavator
  • 3 ton mini excavator
  • Hydraulic breaker
  • 9 inch Hydraulic auger

Our staff in Crawley are fully trained and have extensive knowledge of all the equipment we stock. They will be able to demonstrate how to operate the equipment correctly and advise you on the best digger to fulfil your requirements and complete your project efficiently.