From small domestic DIY jobs to large construction projects here at Alandale Plant we have all the tools and machinery you need to get the job done quickly and effectively. From diggers, mini excavators, mini diggers, trailers and hydraulic lift platforms to safety equipment and blast cleaners. All our tools are maintained to the highest standards so you can get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently.  

Drainage to construction, road works to warehousing we have tools to fit the bill. By hiring tools you avoid the high cost of ownership and can keep track of project budgets with ease. Using our hire products removes the hassle of resale once the job is done and means you won't have any expensive storage costs. You can be confident in the quality and reliability of the apparatus we lease.

For a short term requirement this option is perfect, freeing up your capital for where it's needed. We make the process quick and easy so it's one less thing to worry about. With our comprehensive range of items available for rental you won't have to race around buying goods you might need only once. For many jobs we've got everything you'll need in one place, reducing your transport time and cost.

Alandale Plant & Tool Hire throughout Sussex