Concrete Mixer hire

concrete mixer hire

  • ADD 24 HOURS
  • 5/3 ½ in diesel or electric
  • £25.00
  • £12.50
  • £50.00
  • 4/3 110-volt - 240-volt electric mixer
  • £15.00
  • £7.50
  • £30.00
  • 4/3 petrol mixer
  • £15.00
  • £7.50
  • £30.00

If you are looking for concrete mixer in East Sussex hire speak to Alandale.


All of our concrete mixers are easy to use and well maintained. Even the smallest amount of concrete can be difficult to mix by hand so if you are working on a job that requires concrete be sure to hire a concrete mixer to help make the work run that little bit more smoothly. Whether you are laying a patio in your own garden or carrying out a commercial construction project, Alandale has the right concrete mixer for you. We carry petrol, diesel and electric concrete mixers with carrying sizes and capacities so there is bound to be a concrete mixer to fit your needs.


Unless you are using one every day, there is little point in owning your own concrete mixer. Like all plant machinery, a concrete mixer requires regular upkeep and maintenance to ensure it is working well - as well as storage space when it’s not in use. Here at Alandale we hire out concrete mixers at a competitive price, so that you can be sure of always having a suitable mixer that is working well each and every time you need to use one.


Hiring a concrete mixer is a great way to ensure you are able to complete your work, whether for your own property or for a commercial job. You can hire a concrete mixer by the day or by the week, depending on how long you will need it. We find that concrete mixers are among the most popular pieces of equipment to hire here at Alandale; probably because it’s just one of those things it’s easier to hire as you need it, rather than buying your own.


Of course, when you hire a concrete mixer from Alandale you can be assured of the best quality every time. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff in East Sussex will be happy to help you to choose your mixer, and to demonstrate how it works if you are not familiar with it. We regularly update and replace our hire equipment so you can be sure of getting the best equipment every time.


We also carry many other items of concrete equipment including concrete drills and breakers, concrete block cutters and pokers.