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pressure washer hire

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  • First Day
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  • Petrol pressure washer
  • £30.00
  • £15.00
  • £60.00
  • Diesel pressure washer
  • £40.00
  • £20.00
  • £80.00
  • Bowser pressure washer
  • £75.00
  • £37.00
  • £150.00
Cleaning & Decorating Hire

Cleaning & Decorating - Alandale Plant Ltd offers an extensive range of cleaning & decorating tools and accessories to hire in Brighton & Eastbourne UK

We can supply a range of cleaning and decorating tools at Alandale Plant Hire. You can choose between the petrol, diesel or bowser pressure washers to find the most cost effective way for you to clean your site. Our pressure washers are all capable of tackling the toughest dirt and grime to make cleaning easy. The pressure washer applications are endless so you are guaranteed to get the job done efficiently

Pressure Washer Hire Brighton & Eastbourne

Hiring a pressure washer can often be the most cost effective way to clean your site. A pressure washer is not something you need to use every day, and can be a large financial outlay for just the occasional job here and there. Pressure washers can also be expensive to maintain and repair and bulky to store, which means they quickly become a financial burden - especially if you only need them once a year. The easy alternative to this is hiring a pressure washer for the job in hand.

Here at Alandale Plant we have several high quality pressure washers for hire so that you can use a state of the art, well maintained pressure washer without paying a fortune for it. We regularly service all of our pressure washers to ensure they are in perfect working order. We provide petrol and diesel pressure washers, as well as bowser pressure washers for larger site areas in need of a thorough clean.

A pressure washer is often the easiest way to clean your site, removing tough dirt and debris from most surfaces quickly and efficiently. Whether you need to hire a pressure washer for a big job or just to clean some parts at the end of a job, we will have the right pressure washer for you, and if required we will happily show you how to use it properly and safely.